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Children of the Force #61 - A Plurality of Jedi

February 22, 2017


In this episode, we talk Mandalore, diversity and death, !!!INFERNO SQUAD!!!, the new R2, jokes, questions and a bunch of other stuff. Join us, and together we will level up in Force Arena as father and son and daughter and listener....

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We’re watching Clone Wars episodes and crossing our fingers that they aren’t taking it off Netflix. Looking forward to watching those Death Watch Mandalorian episodes especially after watching…

Rebels: Legacy of Mandalore, which we talk about a bit, hopefully without spoiling too much for people who haven’t seen it yet. We loved the episode and are all curious to see where it goes from here.

Force Arena has been supplying me with a ton of fun (maybe too much fun).

The awesomely diverse Rogue One characters all end in death. Is that problematic?

NEWS [19:30]

It’s the attack of Force Friday II! And our first image of the big three from The Last Jedi.

There’s a new book coming out. It’s called… Inferno Squad! Much like the cover image, my opinion of this book is not final.

Jimmy Vee is the new R2-D2!

(This episode was recorded before the Han Solo casting news dropped, but we still talked about how a new generation of actors are starting to take over, but that it’s great that they have had a chance to work with the original actors.)

Jedi is plural in The Last Jedi?

Aftermath: Empire’s End is out! I’ve started reading it and it gets off to a crackling start.

CANON NEWS [39:45]

Liam brings us some canon news today when he tells us the ages of the Rogue One crew. And I bring bonus canon news with the fact that Phasma was actually thrown down into a trash compactor in The Force Awakens, according to the comic adaptation.

JOKE [45:40]

What do you call a robot in a hole?

What do you call the first robot to ever fall into a hole?

Q&A COUNCIL [48:00]

Liam asks: Of the planets Scarif, Jedha, Lah’mu, Yavin IV and Eadu, which place would you like to live if you could live where they were shot?

Al asks: Why is Maul seeking Obi Wan?


Liam quizzes us on the ages of the Rogue One crew.

OUTRO [57:50]

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