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Children of the Force #60 - Becoming the Masters

February 14, 2017

The kids take over for our 60th episode, since my voice was especially froggy. They do an amazing job! As always, check out the show guide on our website for more links and images of things we talk about in the episode:


We get an awesome package from Nick from London! (Seriously, go check out these figurines on our website:

Liam and I recently finished the Darth Vader comic series. Liam thought the ending was hilarious. 

NEWS [2:55]

Thandie Newton is rumored to be the next addition to the Han Solo stand-alone cast.

Clone Wars appears to be ending its run on Netflix. Booooo!


How did Shaak Ti die? We find out in the fabulous book, Galactic Maps!

JOKE [8:05]

It’s an Anna original today. Where do you put your gas in Rogue One?

Q&A COUNCIL [10:40]

It’s a Valentine’s Day Q&A council! 

Question 1: What’s your favorite romantic moment in Star Wars? 

Question 2: Do you think there will be a great romance in the sequel trilogy? If so, who do you think it will be between?


Continuing the theme of Valentine’s Day, I quiz the kids from beyond the microphone: Name one Star Wars alien species that has more than one heart.

OUTRO [15:10]

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Thanks for listening, and may the Force be with you!

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