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Children of the Force #49 - The Pow-ah! of Rogue One

October 19, 2016

It's episode 49 of Children of the Force! Join us, and together we will react to that new Rogue One trailer, do more ridiculous impressions, and rule the galaxy as father and son and daughter and listener. 

As always, head on over to our website for the show guide for this episode, which includes video and photos of all the stuff we're talking about:


We played a game of D&D with some friends for the first time at Fantasy Flight Games Center.

We’ve been keeping up with Rebels season 3 and loving it. Anna still thinks Thrawn is too smart.

NEWS [6:30]

A new Rogue One trailer! Watch it again:

And the kids’ reaction to watching it for the first time:

We talk about all the hits from the trailer, including young Jyn, big ol’ Jedi statue, the absence of snarky Jyn, Tarkin?, sadness on Jedha, water on Krennic, etc.

We also got the poster for Rogue One. It’s glorious. And, in my opinion, it's waaaaaaay better than the poster announced at Star Wars Celebration Europe. We also got all of those new character posters.

We talk about the new trading images that were posted on Entertainment Weekly.

We watch this new Duracell commercial that nearly made me cry.

CANON NEWS [1:01:00]

Ahsoka’s pseudonym in the new book about her is pretty darn awesome and makes us think about Daughter and Bendu.

JOKE [1:03:55]

Why doesn’t Rey live in an apartment on Starkiller base?

Q&A COUNCIL [1:05:10]

If you could put one Rebels character in Rogue One, who would it be

If you could put one Rogue One character in Rebels, who would it be?

OUTRO [1:11:00]

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