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Children of the Force #35 - Some Weird Thing

April 27, 2016
In episode 35 of Children of the Force we discuss elevators AGAIN. Finn's feminism. Weird Episode VIII. Sithless Kylo. A joke! A quiz! An email! Tears! Because we all need a good cry now and then. 

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Anna has branched out into Harry Potter podcasting. She’s working on a podcast called Platform 9 ¾ News with a couple friends. The first episode isn’t up yet, but there’s a website (, which is a great first step! 

We continue our enthralling discussion on elevators and we reference the Wookieepedia entry on elevators, which you can find here:

NEWS [20:40]

Free Comic Book Day approaches!

Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) released a great video of them reacting to fans’ reactions to the Rogue One trailer. Check it out:

Oscar Isaac gave an interview to the LA Times that gave us some interesting tidbits about Episode VIII. The kids are scared at how different VIII sounds like it might be. 

CANON NEWS [29:30]

Kylo Ren isn’t a Sith. Also, Snoke has decreed that no one can every say Kylo’s real name. Weird, right?

JOKE [34:45]

Where's the best planet to get burritos and enchiladas?

Q&A COUNCIL [37:30]

What weird thing would you choose for Rian Johnson to do in Episode VIII?


I ask the kids again this week. 

Q. What is the name of the bird we see on Jakku as Rey is driving into Niima Outpost?

Q. What is the name of the red-clad pirate in Maz Kanata’s castle who Finn is going to leave Takodana with?


Nick from London laments the loss of some of the EU and asks us what we think about the whole thing. It gets emotional. But not for the reasons you'd assume. 

OUTRO [1:01:30]

Thanks for listening!

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