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Children of the Force #28 - Tell that to Candycub

February 25, 2016

It’s episode 29 of Children of the Force! 



Anna finished Lost Stars.She desperately wants a sequel
Liam helped buy a 2nd grade Star Wars math workbook for himself.
We started watching the D-Squad arc of The Clone Wars. The kids thought it waspretty funny.
We talk about not being able to talk about Rogue One. 

NEWS [10:05]

We’re getting a The ForceAwakens comic adaptation, written by Chuck Wendig. Anna wants it to follow themovie exactly. I’m hoping it expands the story.
We discuss opening crawls and whether or not Ep. VIII will have one.

CANON NEWS [17:55]


This week’s canon news isabout Poe’s history as a pilot and the state of his family.


JOKE [23:00]


A Liam original: What do youcall a Kanjiclub member that likes baby bears and candy?


Q&A COUNCIL [24:10]


First, we get some commentary and answers from lastweek’s Q&A Council from Nick (who submitted the questions for last week’sepisode). Nick also gives us his theory that Boba Fett will be the main villainfrom Rogue One. We spin the email off into a couple questions for the Council.

1. Will Luke fight in Episode VIII?
2. If you could choose one preexisting Star Wars character to be in Rogue One,who would it be?


The kids quiz me: What type of droid is the red droid walking away from MazKanata’s castle as Rey, Finn and Han walk in?



Shout out to Kate (@kamiduu) for the great feedback on Twitter!

OUTRO [36:40]

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