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Children of the Force #28 - Force Goats

February 16, 2016

It’s episode 28! Let’s sing the song of Force Goats! Also, listener feedback, news about Episode VIII, a joke, a quiz, questions and Anna saying something or other about Kanjiklub. 


A very special person gave us a very special Valentine's Day gift, and Liam and I salivated over X-Wing expansions at the mall the other day. 


We get a great birthday voicemail from @torpedoted13!

And we read an email from Nick, Sylvia and Sarah from London! They have some greattheories that we discuss, including the Rey-as-reincarnated-Anakin theory andthe Snoke-as-Vader theory.

NEWS [21:25]

Jedi News reports that there might be a Force Friday for Rogue One on September30th.

Anna’s not really excited for Rogue One, but that might change when we see thefirst teaser? We’ll see…

And of course, we got that really cool production teaser for Episode VIII (which we watch a couple times on the show) alongwith announcements about returning and new cast.

CANON NEWS [44:40]

Starkiller Base is not thatkyber-crystal-rich planet we thought it might be.

JOKE [46:05]

What did Admiral Ackbar say when he went to the bathroom? (No, it’s not whatyou think … or is it?)

Q&A COUNCIL [47:45]

Our questions today come from Nick, Sylvia and Sarah!

-What is your favourite trilogy? Original, prequel or sequel?
-Who do you think Rey's parents are?
-Will Finn die in Episode VIII? (the kids were aghast at this question andemphatically said no, willing their words to be true)


The kids quiz me: What material is Rey’s sled made out of? I actually (sort of) getit right!

OUTRO [56:10]

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